Kayla Flaxman currently studies a double Bachelor degree in music and in education at the University of New South Wales. She is an enthusiastic artist who aspires to be an influential role model for other people. Kayla is inspired by her relative, a popular composer Nigel Westlake, and aims to be artistically inspiring like him.

She started learning clarinet and picked up self-teaching with other instruments such as the piano, guitar, violin and bugle. Kayla’s passion influenced her swift flourishing musical skills and with ambitious desires she started self-teaching on the violincello at the age of 14. She soon discovered that the cello was a strong missing part of her identity and so with lessons, she aimed to develop into a professional. After four years of intensive study with Dr Brian Chatpo Koo, Kayla achieved her Grade 8 AMEB practical violincello certificate and now, a year later, will soon take the AmusA examination.

Kayla’s creative abilities have allowed her to win prize money, as well as a scholarship with the Berklee College of Music.  She is the first person to receive Dr Koo Music Scholarship.  Kayla begun learning the life within the orchestra by being a part of the youth orchestras of the SCO Youth Symphony.  Under Dr Koo's instruction, Kayla quickly grasped orchestral conducting techniques and has been appointed as an Assistant Conductor.  

She now continues improving her ensemble skills by performing with the UNSW Orchestra, Sydney Contemporary Orchestra and. Next year she is determined to form a chamber ensemble for musicians at her university. Kayla sets high goals in life and yearns to achieve a PhD in music and to become an influential artist.

Kayla Flaxman in rehearsals and concerts.




Putting the fun in music training 2018

Designed and arranged with variety of popular songs in various styles - pop, jazz, classical, traditional, modern etc., a new program for the SYS Junior Orchestra in 2018 will be the most educational, enjoyable and exciting training program ever!

All young music lovers under the age of 15 and have been learning orchestral instruments for above 2 years can join and be benefited.

Audition fee: $60

Fee: $500 for 4 school terms in 2018. Commencing from Friday 10 February 2018.




All revenues (membership fees, concert ticket sales etc.) will go towards The SCO Foundation to be used to promote new music of the contemporary composers.
Membership annual fee of  $600 (for 4 school terms) is asked of each member for the SYS Concert Orchestra (SYSCO), and $500 for the SYS Junior Orchestra (SYSJO).

The fee is calculated in 4 school terms blocks for all members (e.g. if you join from term 2 of the year, your membership will be extended to next year term 1). 

Direct deposit:

Bank: Westpac
BSB: 032173
Account Number:  501117
A/C Name: The Sydney Contemporary Orchestra Inc.

Please indicate your name and description.

  1. All fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  2. Payments must be completed before the first rehearsal.  

You are welcome to join us at any time.

For young musicians joining the SYS Orchestras will need fill up your online Membership Registration From to book your audition, and pay $60 audition fee. Or contact our managers arrange a time to observe our rehearsals.

Fee can be paid by Direct deposit: 

  • Bank: Westpac
  • BSB: 032173
  • Account Number: 501117
  • A/C Name: The Sydney Contemporary Orchestra Inc. 
  • - Youth Symphony Memberships

Please indicate your name and description.

You may be exempt from audition if you provide video recordings or if you are introduced by your teacher, or in special cases.

Audition Schedule

  • Your audition will be scheduled after payment completed.
  • The details of your audition date, time and venue will be advised via email.

Audition materials

  1. Your own choice of two contrasting pieces (or excerpts)
  2. Any major scale and arpeggio
  3. Any minor scale and arpeggio
  4. Sight-reading

Audition Result

  • You will be notified your audition result via email.
  • Successful members will have a website login account to access the Members Zone to download music parts. 



The SYS Concert Orchestra
All orchestra members require a formal uniform for concert performances.

The SYS Concert Orchestra members:


Black formal dress
Black polished shoes


White long sleeve collared shirt buttoned to the neck with black bowtie
Black formal suit
Black socks
Black polished shoes
The SYS Junior Orchestra
The SYS Junior Orchestra members:


Dress (colorful, fresh, smart)
Matching socks and shoes


White long sleeve collared shirt buttoned to the neck with black bowtie
Black formal suit
Black socks
Black polished shoes


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